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 1 = VERY DISSATISFIED (WEAK)                                                      10 = VERY SATISFIED (STRONG)


The Shield of Life Discovery Tool is a simple and yet powerful assessment tool designed to help men take a broad look at the strengths, weaknesses and balance of their lives. The Shield of Life highlights 8 key areas of life that are commonly considered to be the most important to living a balanced and happy life. If there’s a category not listed within the Shield that is important to you and your goals, feel free to add it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Understand that all growth, progress and victory in your life is not a result of you striving more in your own human wisdom or strength to achieve success. Your victory is totally dependant on the presence, grace and power of God that is alive in you!  Be encouraged today and know that God is well able to finish the work He started in you!


The goal of the SHIELD OF LIFE Discovery Tool is to highlight not only your strengths, but also the important areas of your life that you may need to work on and improve. 

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