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   Welcome to M-3 Coaching!  I help Christian Men overcome obsticles so they can be effective leaders who launch out to achieve victory and success in every area of their lives!


I’m excited you’re here because I truly believe Men’s Coaching is a mighty tool that God uses to transform our lives. I can say this with confidence because I’ve had the incredible honor of coaching and training many great men over the past 22 years of Men’s Ministry! I’ve seen the results and I’ve marveled at what God can do in and through the lives of His men! Men who took a bold step of faith in the face of their challenges, men who took hold of God to become the mighty men He designed them to be!     


   Men’s Coaching is a powerful way to develop and strengthen yourself as a man of God. Coaching is not only a great way to overcome obstacles, coaching will also help you clarify your purpose and develop a solid game plan for achieve your greatest vision and goals. If you have the desire to reach your greatest potential and achieve real results that will last, then I beleive M-3 Coaching is for you. I think you’re going to really love this! 


   This in my heart and prayer for you, “May God do a mighty work in your life and may He be glorified as you live strong for Him!    


   I’m looking forward to working together with you as your Coach! If you have the desire to reach your greatest potential and achieve lasting results, coaching is for you. Connect with me today to get started!





P.S. Take a moment to learn more about coaching and our 7 Point Coaching Model. There’s lots of great information that you can access on this page and throughout the 

M-3 website.  

Keith A. Johnson

Keith Johnson

Men's Pastor/Coach




“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” —Proverbs 27:17


   The Word of God gives us a powerful coaching mandate by describing how men are encouraged and transformed when they meet together. I’ve had the honor of coaching and training hundreds of men and I can tell you these personal one-on-one coaching connections have been lifechanging!

   Men were never meant to fight their battles alone, we were designed by God to join forces and when we do we become force multipliers. It’s just a fact, we are stronger and more victorious when we grow and fight our battles together!

 I love this passage and this picture of iron sharpening Iron because it’s a near perfect analogy that describes the incredible power of Men's Coaching.


   I did a study some time ago on this passage and I really loved what one of the commentaries had to say:


   “Iron tools are made sharp, and fit for use, by rubbing them against the file, or some other iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend — Quickens his ingenuity, enlivens his affections, strengthens his judgment, excites him to virtuous and useful actions, and makes him, in all respects, a better man. The countenance is here put for the mind or spirit, the state and disposition of which are commonly visible in men’s countenances.” --Benson Commentary


   Wow, now that's a mighty discription of what happens when men gather together in a coaching relationship. This is your time to make your move and get connected! If it’s not with me, it needs to be with someone who will care enough to fight beside you to win the victory! Most of the men I work with are smart, hardworking and dedicated to the big dreams and goals they’ve set for their lives and families. Remember this, all great men with big dreams face obstacles and battles on the road to victory and success. Men’s Coaching is alot like iron sharpening iron. It quickens a man’s ingenuity, enlivens his affections, strengthens his judgment, excites him to virtuous and useful actions, and makes him, in all respects, a better man!   





Gain a fresh new perspective as you discover the gifts and talents God created in you. You are ready to use this new-found clarity to inspire the goals and objectives you want to achieve in your life!  





Discover your unique leadership qualities and develop strategies to inspire and empower others. You are powerfully positioned to use these new strategies to develop a team that can overcome every obstacle!    





Learn how to invest and develop yourself to be a healthy and compelling man that is attracting others to you. With this new growth and confidence, you will take the lead to see your existing relationships strengthened and enriched!    




You will discover how to use your passion and purpose to develop a strategy to launch your vision! You are boldly launching out because you now have a workable action plan designed   to achieve your goals!    



The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Numerous clients report that coaching positively impacted their lives and careers. Here are just a few of the outcomes clients reported:



Clients who receive coaching report an increase in self-confidence



Clients who hired a coach and were satisfied with the experience



Clients who expirence improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills


Clients would hire a coach again


   The original term “coaching” is defined as transporting a person from one location to another. The transporting vehicle in this original definition would be the stage coach. Another term for coaching was also used in connection with an instructor or trainer that arose around around the1830's in Oxford University.  The term "coaching" was slang for a tutor who "carried" a student through an exam. The word "coaching" thus identified a process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be.

   Another popular use of the term coaching would be the well-known connection to sports.  A coach in sports provides practical hands on inspiration and instruction for the purpose of leading individuals and the team to the highest levels of growth and victory possible.

   It’s interesting that some sports coaches are former players, but many have never actually played on the professional level.  A great coach may not be an elite athlete, but he plays a critical role in the continual growth and success of his team members.  

   Love them or hate them, the former New England Patriots coach/quarterback duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady (Now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) are considered by many to be the greatest of all time. Coach Belichick holds the record for the most Super Bowl appearances and victories as a head coach and Brady holds the records for most Super Bowl appearances, victories and MVP awards as a player in any position. The Patriots have appeared in nine Super Bowls and won six Lombardi trophies.  

   Coach Belichick could never drop back in the pocket and throw a perfect TD pass to a receiver like Tom Brady can. The same is true for Brady, he could never mastermind a winning game plan or coach the greatness out of his teammates like Coach Belichick can.


QB Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick

   Here’s the point, the power of coaching in not that the coach must be better than the coachee in the specific goals he may be focused on achieving. A great coach makes all the difference in the world not just in sports but in every aspect of life. A great coach is committed to you and laser focused on your growth and success.

   Personal Coaching is a term generally used in the fields of life, business, executive, and career coaching. Personal coaching is a powerful “transporting” vehicle designed to help lead people from one place to another.  Personal Coaching is a relationship which is designed and defined as a relationship between a coach and a coachee.  It is based on the coachees expressed interests, goals, and objectives

   Personal Coaching is a learning process. A Personal Coach may use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help coachees identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals. A coach provides a place for the coachee to be positively held accountable to themselves by monitoring the coachee’s progress towards implementation of their action plans. Together they evolve and modify the plan to best suit the coachees needs and environmental relationships. A Personal Coach acts as a human mirror for coachees by sharing an outside and unbiased perspective on what they are observing about their coachees.

   Just as a sports coach does not enter into actual game situations, a coachee is responsible for their own achievements and success.  A coach cannot and does not promise that a coachee will take any specific action or attain specific goals.  Coaches can inspire and encourage coachees by helping them to discover new possibilities that can lead to greater personal potential, fulfillment and success.  

   Personal or Business Coaching is not counseling, therapy or consulting. These different skill sets and approaches to change are performed by specific professionals based upon the specific needs of each individual.

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   Our unique M3 COACHING MODEL™ is comprised of 7 foundational action steps that inspire and guide men forward in their journey to achieving victory and success in every area of life!     


   The M3 COACHING MODEL™ was created by Men’s Pastor/Coach Keith Johnson after more than 22 years of transformational coaching and ministry to men. The 7 foundational action steps are each empowered by corresponding verses from the Word of God. These 7 foundational action steps form a powerful growth track that has effectively been used in the coaching, discipling and leadership training process. The M3 COACHING MODEL™ is a powerful tool that can be used to effectively guide, and measure progress and growth. In addition, the M3 COACHING MODEL™ will encourage greater focus, confidence and the achievement of set goals. 


   The M3 COACHING Model™ is designed to be continuous and progressive. It also allows flexibility to men as they move through the necessary steps in the sequence that is the most needed and timely. It provides a pathway for the goals you want to accomplish, and it is also used as a valuable tool to guide us in the coaching process.


  • Obstacles, Frustration, Disappointment

  • Assessment, Insight, Honesty,  

  • Potential, possibility, BREAKTHROUGH



  • Sharing, Trust, Confession

  • Support, Strength, OPPORTUNITY



  • Worth, Standing, Likeness

  • Security, Purpose, STRENGTH



  • Indwelling, Confidence, Boldness

  • Purpose, Action, VICTORY



  • Future, Purpose, Motivation, Passion

  • Conviction, Impossible, Buildable, LEGACY



  • Principles, Priorities, Mastery

  • Blueprint, Commitment, SUCCESS



  • Experience, Boldness, Courage, Engagement

  • Credibility Opportunity, Platform, INFLUENCE 




  1. Listening with insight and purpose.  You can expect that I will listen to you with insight, purpose and a caring heart. You can expect me to be fully focused, inspired and empowered to coach you with excellence. 

  2. Encouragement to go to the next level.  You can expect to feel encouraged about your progress and your future. You can expect me to ask insightful questions to inspire you to discover the best solutions that will lead you to growth and victory!   

  3. A new vision for a brighter future.  I believe every person has the ability to dream big dreams for a greater future!  I’ll help you to discover your own unique gifts and talents and then I’ll point you toward your desired future and goals!     

  4. Practical and positive solutions to overcome existing challenges.  I will work with you to identify roadblocks and then we will discover some creative solutions and strategies to get you moving forward toward achieving your vision and goals!   

  5. Improved relationships for greater success.  The key to happiness, opportunity and success in life and business is firmly rooted in our ability to build quality relationships.  I will point you toward growth and success in your relationships with your wife, children, coworkers and every key person in your life!

  6. Greater growth in life and career.  I’ll work with you to discover a new or renewed vision. Your sense of being in control of your life and future will help you to enjoy the journey with greater energy, confidence and growth!

  7. Increased Financial Rewards.  I will work with you to discover the powerful connection between your true gifts and abilities with the true wants and needs of others. I will help you to see the big picture and use your special gifts and talents to attract business and financial rewards to you!

  8. Confidentiality. As your coach, you can feel confident that our private coaching conversations and any information you share with me will remain confidential at all times.  I will not at any time disclose our private conversations to any third party. I will keep our private conversations confidential unless you present a physical danger to yourself or others. I will not divulge to anyone that you or I are in a coaching relationship.   

  9. I will provide you with some powerful growth tools. I recommend you start by taking the free Shield of Life Discovery Tool assessment. This powerful tool will help you discover your strengths as well as your deficiencies. Based upon the findings of this assessment and our initial coaching conversation we will come together with a solid game plan for your best growth and success!

  10. I will pray for you every day. I truly believe we all need more of God and this means we need to spend time with God in His Word and in prayer. I also believe God plays a vital role in the entire coaching process. God hears and answers us when we pray according to His will. I believe, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." --James 5:16  


  1. You are committed to being coached. You are the focus of the coaching relationship and for all coaching sessions. You must come ready and prepared to be coached. Remember, you set your own goals and the agenda for the coaching session. Invest the time and focus you need each week to come fully prepared.

  2. You are committed to being focused and engaged. During the coaching session take note of your key take-aways, what you are learning about yourself and the awareness you are gaining as you prepare to take the next steps forward. Take notes and be prepared to set new goals for the week ahead.

  3. You are committed to being challenged. Come to the coaching session ready and willing to be stretched and challenged to go beyond your comfort zone. Don’t resist change--embrace it as a powerful process for achieving your greatest goals. Be ready to take a risk.

  4. You are committed to transparency. Come prepared to be open, honest and transparent. You agree to contribute to the coaching conversation with honesty and openness. Without taking a risk to be open and transparent very little progress can be made. But the great news is, when we choose to be open we can experience great breakthroughs in our lives. Also be courageous in your honesty in sharing what’s working in the coaching partnership and what’s not. Remember, I’m in your corner and I’m committed to your growth and success.

  5. You are committed to confidentiality.  Just as important as the expectations you have that I will protect your private coaching conversations and information is my expectation that you will respect the protected materials and exercises that I will be sharing with you as part of the coaching process. My coaching materials are for your individual use only.

  6. You are committed to doing the work.  A big part of your growth and success in the coaching process is the work you will do in between our coaching sessions.  You will have weekly assignments that include a powerful devotional reading with corresponding questions for journaling. You may also be given other assessments tools to take as needed. In addition, you will be asked to keep a private journal. I ask and encourage you to pray, reflect and write during your coaching journey.  

  7. You are committed to common courtesy and time management. When you choose me as your coach I’m 100% committed to you and to your growth and success. I expect you to be committed to me and to the coaching journey by making your coaching calls on time. I also expect you to complete weekly assignments I give you on time. As a common courtesy I ask you to return my calls and email messages in a timely manner.

  8. You are committed to growing your relationship with God. The power of Christian coaching is centered on two key truths. 1.) Apart from a growing and vital connection and relationship with Christ we can do nothing.  (See John 15:5) The reason I encourage you to seek after God in prayer and Bible reading is because you truly need His power and presence in your life to grow forward and achieve your goals. 2.) On the flip side of this, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! (See Philippians 4:13) You can be confident in this, if you trust God to be your strength, all things are possible for you!   

   Deep inside, most men know they were created for something special, something meaningful, something mighty. You know what it feels like to dream big dreams for yourself and your family.  These dreams can be elusive, they can easily drift away for seasons of time. But have you noticed they often come back again even stronger. You know what you need to do, but in the middle of the busy and sometimes hectic life you live, it’s a challenge to get started and stay focussed. As time slips by our lives often gets more complicated, it's not always easy to take the bold steps you know your need to take to build your dream and follow through on your goals.


   I’ve been there myself and I’ve gone through some major challenges and battles in my own life. I know what it feels like to be stuck, frustrated and even angry at times. We all face the same kind of doubts when we ask ourselves, "Do I have what it takes to achieve the vision and goals I have set in my heart?"  The battle is always centered in our thinking. There are times, in the face of these challenges and battles, when we tell ourselves that maybe we’re not strong enough, not committed enough, not gifted enough.


   But is any of this actually true? The negative thoughts and the self doubts are real but are they true according to the truth of God's Word to us? No, they are not true! God’s Word tells us that in every challenge we face we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us! (See Romans 8:37)  


I help Christian men overcome obstacles so they can be effective leaders

who launch out to achieve victory and success in every area of their lives!




3 Months of Coaching

12 Total Sessions

1 Session Per Week

Weekly Men's Devotional

Shield of Life Assessments

Coaching Tools 

Unlimited Email




6 Months of Coaching

24 Total Sessions

1 Session Per Week

Weekly Men's Devotional

Shield of Life Assessments

Coaching Tools 

Unlimited Email



SAVE 20%

12 Months of Coaching

52 Total Sessions

1 Session Per Week

Weekly Men's Devotional

Shield of Life Assessments

Coaching Tools 

Unlimited Email



Keith Johnson
Men's Pastor/Coach
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